How to Design a Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Teenage girls are hard to please. They got their special taste about everything such as clothes, wallets, and even their bedroom design. And if you are going to design a room for your teenage girl, you should better read this article thoroughly, because I would love to share some tips with you.

The most important thing will be selecting the perfect color of their bedroom. In general, we prefer painting the walls in solid white, which is a simple and common choice. However, you should know that most of the girls are crazy about the pink color. And it might be a good idea to paint her bedroom in light pink, as long as your girl loves that. As you couldn’t make sure if your little girl is fine with the walls in pink, you should better keep the wall in solid white, and there are some wall stickers could help you decorate those white walls.

The essential furniture of their room should be select carefully, for example, bed, desk, and wardrobe. It will be better to choose furniture in the same style so that everything will be coordinated. Teenage girls might prefer something delicacy and fancy, so you could ask her what kind of style she prefers in advanced.

The bed of their bedroom is really important because your little girl would have sweet dreams on that bed you choose. Keep the bed coordinated with the bedroom’s style. What’s more, the mattress of the bed and the bedding sets should be chosen carefully. They should be really comfortable for your little one to sleep. As far as I am concerned, the bedding sets should be made from pure cotton. And for little girls, a fluffy bear toy on her bed will be absolutely great.

As selecting the decorations for your little girl’s bedroom, you don’t have to stick to the rules. Instead, it’s time for you to let your imagination run riot. Girls would love to have as many adorable decorations as possible in their room, like soft plush toys, cushions, soft mats and artificial flowers. As long as those decorations match well with the style of her bedroom, it’s better to have many decorations as your little girl want.

As your girl might have her own ideas about designing her bedroom, don’t forget to ask your little girl’s opinion before you make a choice. Now let’s surprise your little girl with the fancy bedroom design.

Girl Baby Shower Themes

Theme baby showers are becoming quite popular and enable an exciting event to be even more fun. Some popular girl baby shower themes include young animals, such as baby turtles, puppies, or elephants, characters, such as cowgirls and princesses, or others, such as safaris or cherry blossoms. Follow these simple steps to creating your memorable theme baby shower.


Set the tone of the party, including the colors you will use to decorate with, and let guests know what to expect with the invitations. Include the fact that this is a theme shower in the information. You can find cute invitations in bulk online or at your favorite party supply store. If the theme matches the decal of the future girl’s room, you may ask guests to bring items that match the theme for the new mom. For instance, if you’re throwing a ladybug themed shower, ask guests to bring ladybug pillows, blankets, and even lamps for the nursery. Alternatively, if you’re going with a princess theme, ask guests to bring pink and silver clothes and decorations for the new child.


The decorations should create the mood for your celebration. For instance, if you’ve chosen a little cowgirl party, include cacti and horse pin-ups throughout the room. Consider making centerpieces out of cowboy hats, perhaps by filling them with flowers that match the color scheme you’ve chosen. Or, for an elegant cherry blossom theme, spread cherry blossoms throughout the room. Also choose plates, napkins, and cups with cherry blossoms on them. Decorate the room with red, black, pink, and white balloons and flower petals. You may also want to include cherry blossom scented soaps and lotions in the bathroom for guests to use.


Even the games at your shower can match the theme you’ve chosen. For instance, if you’ve gone with a baby animal theme, your games can center on animals. Whether these include a word search, animal bingo, or a game in which you must list songs with animals in the title, both young and old are sure to enjoy this. Or, perhaps you’d like to have a Disney trivia game in which you ask questions about animated movies whose main characters are animals (such as Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, and Tarzan).


The food offered at your shower is your final opportunity to remind guests of your theme. With any theme, you can bake cookies that are decorated to match your decorations. Also, you may set the food tables in designs that align with your theme, such as the shape of a biscuit for a pink puppy party. For a cowgirl party, include Southwestern food, such as tacos, dips, and even a nacho bar. The nacho bar may include chicken, beef, beans, guacamole, salsa, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, among other items. This allows guests to choose what they want the most. On the other hand, for a pretty princess party, make things dainty and pink. Include miniature sandwiches and cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles. You may also wish to include a pink punch and serve it in elegant glasses.

Pink Baby Bedding

Pink baby bedding is invariably a great selection, but you likewise have lots of good girly choices like anything pink and designs having to do with ladybugs, fairies, ballerinas, butterflies, flowers, rainbows or princesses. Make for certain to check the patterns with the likes and wishes of your little princess. There are more and more baby girl bedding designs arriving out all the time. Baby girl bedding is simply one thing you will need for her crib. You will also need blankets, bumpers and, of course, crib sheets. Make sure that the crib sheets are made of soft, top quality cotton. Baby blankets occur in the form of cotton, fleece, silk, chenille, corduroy and suede.

Fleece blankets are good because they are soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic. Please do check out the baby safety department as it is paediatric advocated to not use blankets nor bumpers with newborn babies. Kept under the crib sheet, mattress pads assist to protect against diapers leaks, which you can count on. You should also have a baby bumper around the inside of the crib to protect your baby girl from knocking her head or experiencing her hands or legs caught between the wood slats or side rails of her crib.

Usually all pink baby girl bedding are machine washable as they are created from 100% cotton fiber fabric. However concern must be taken to use mild and non-fragrant detergents. The understanding is sometimes these attributes can cause soreness to the baby’s skin. Though the mattress is covered beneath the bedding and is in the bottom of the crib; it should be the one that requires to be given ample importance and consideration. One must remember that the newborn infant spends roughly 70% of the time in the crib so you genuinely should try to make it a nice place to be.

The first step you should require before you even think about buying baby bedding is determining what you need to complete your baby’s nursery. The probabilities are high you will not decide on a topic for your baby’s nursery before you start shopping about, so it makes sense to first make a list of child bedding supplies. Some baby bedding provisions are “necessary” items that your infant will need. Examples of necessity items including crib sheets, blankets and baby bumpers for your newborn infant. Then you can start reckoning about baby bedding supplements. Let’s start by surveying each of these baby bedding categories. Light blankets and crib sheets are items your baby will not be able to live without. There are many contrasting varieties of crib sheets and blankets obtainable. Many are made of high quality, soft and durable cotton, while others include a mixture of fabrics.

The Little Girl’s Parisian-Styled French Bedroom Furniture

All of us wish that our children would just be happy with the way their room looks. Granted, Noah’s Ark or Winnie the Pooh doesn’t necessarily accommodate for a coming of age little girl, but in all of our minds, we wish it did. When that change happens, and your pink-loving pre-teen decides that she wants to redecorate, this article can help.

Parisian styled French Bedroom Furniture is an easy fix for any room. For your daughter’s room, it’s a perfect fit. You can also change the decorations for the room to match the furniture and transform a once child-like room into one that is filled with the colors and styles of Paris. If your daughter loves pink then there are countless ways to create a bedroom simply based on this color. This article will focus on one such design.

A wrought iron bed painted black is a great start for your French bedroom furniture. It’s simplistic, easy to paint or find already black, and minimalistic so it doesn’t draw away from the other parts of the room. Once the bed is in the room, cover it with pink and black mismatched linens such as: a pink and black floral bedspread with a pink and black striped bed skirt. These bold colors will brighten up the room and take any doubts of a minimalistic bed away immediately. The linens will bring the bed and the room to life.

If you can find a vintage bed side table, put that beside the bed, maybe lightly re-painted in a pink that doesn’t have to match the linens. Paint the walls pink and decorate them with pictures of Parisian sites or even just fashion sketches. The frames would look better black but any sort of frame will work.

If your floors are wood, add a throw rug that matches the colors within the bed linens. If you can, find a glassed-front armoire to place in front of a window. Paint it to match the walls and when the light shines through the window and releases itself out of the front of the armoire, you’ll be happy to see the effect in the room. If you’re feeling artsy, paint or apply vinyl applications to the walls that spell out French phrases. Paint or find a covering for the closet door that resembles a Paris street or market.

Use your imagination when creating this haven for your daughter. Not only will she love it but she’ll feel she has a place to escape to that makes her feel like she’s in another world, without ever leaving the safety of your home.

Baby Decor of Pink for Boys and Blue for Girls or Vice Versa

There is controversy in psychology over how the color preference for babies of blue for boys and pink for girls came about. Is this color preference genetic or cultural?

Genetic –

Anthropology studies have told us that about 10,000 years ago humans were hunter-gathers. Living in small family group, men hunted and fished while woman gather roots, vegetation and berries. Over time, 1000s of years, woman eyes became more sensitive to the color of red and men to blue. Women could more easily see red berries and fruit when ripe. Men on the on the hand turned more toward the blue colors of the lakes, streams and sky because it was needed to improve their hunting skills.

Psychological studies have shown women tend to select colors in the red end of spectrum (pink is a diluted red color) and men tend to select colors at the blue end of the spectrum when tested.

Cultural –

Stories that have been handed down through the generations show cultural roots for the color choices. In several ancient cultures the survival of the male child (boy) was more important than the female child (girl). This was because of the patriarch family structure. The male child was to be the new leader of the family or tribe. It was necessary to protect the boy child from evil spirits, which people of the time believed took young children because their death rate was so high.

  • Blue was the color of the sky and heavens above, so it was felt that blue would protect the boy child from the evil spirits. It is not clear why the girl child was not also protected by blue. But, their thinking was possibly that girls were left unprotected to placate the spirits.
  • Early in the Christian ear, the clergy sought to express religious feelings by giving meaning to colors. Early miniatures and stained glass windows of the Virgin Mary showed her dressed in blue. This is a color the clergy designated as the color for truth and eternity. Could the early Christians followed the clergy designation for their baby boys?
  • In modern times 19th and early 20th centuries, both male and female babies were dressed in white. American mothers were told by the news paper, Sunday Sentinel in 1914 “If you like the color note on the little one’s garments, use pink for the boy and blue for the girl, if you are a follower of convention.”
  • When the Ladies’ Home Journal (in 1918) wrote: “There has been a great diversity of opinion on the subject, but the generally accepted rule is pink for the boy and blue for the girl. The reason is that pink being a more decided and stronger color is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.”

Today, 2010, the accepted baby colors are Blue for a Boy and Pink for a Girl. Various sources suggest it was in the 1940’s that this modern gender associations of blue for boys and pink for girls was universally accepted. Pink, therefore, is perhaps not biologically choice for girls.

Clothing conventions change with time and in my opinion this makes the colors selected for babies to be “Cultural” choice. What is your opinion?